Collins Celebrates 50 Years of Serving Canadian Work Needs from Head to Toe




Mobile Sales Representative

Collins is THE choice “par excellence” for all your workplace safety requirements. We specialize in selling safety footwear and work clothing to companies and the industry for more than 60 years. Building our cities, our infrastructure, homes, schools and hockey rinks. From office towers, electrical lines to subways, Collins makes sure your footwear is right for the job and comfortable for your feet. We offer the very best products, either in the store or at your door. Our head office located in Montreal is also the site of our main warehouse and flagship store. We have 3 additional stores in the greater Montreal area, and another store in Kingston, Ontario. We also operate 5 mobile units which service the province of Quebec, and another mobile unit which operates in eastern Ontario.

Collins is seeking a  Mobile Sales Representative.

Reporting directly to the President and or Company Controller, the candidate is responsible as custodian for a rolling store. This responsibility includes the proper maintenance of the Mobile unit as well as inventory control over truck box contents which includes approximately 1000 pairs of safety footwear.


Responsabilities :


Monitor and maintain Mobile Inventory

  • Work with Milano Sell thru Report to identify models to reorder
  • Manually create weekly replenishment product order to be shipped by Purolator to Head Office
  • Pick up replenishment order from the Montreal Store
  • Place replenishment product in an orderly fashion on the truck
  • Verify Milano product query for availability of rush product needed for clients.
  • Prepare manual store to store product orders as needed
  • Manage all customer back orders
  • Ensure that the truck store is very neat and presentable to our clients.
  • List all system products where the barcodes are not entered.
  • Yearly inventory counting


Serving Clients and Selling Products

  • Present models to customers based on the selection criteria of the procedure for that customer
  • Ensure that the customer procedure is up to date
  • Manage and plan client schedules and visits efficiently and effectively
  • Merchandising and keeping truck cab and box clean and tidy
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reconciliation of daily sales with cash, debit and credit card transactions
  • Create electronic invoices for customers and ensure that the green copy is forwarded to the Montreal store
  • Prepare all truck inspection reports in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Transport of Quebec.
  • Print out Form link procedures from Milano as needed before customer visits
  • Revise customer procedures as is necessary
  • Liaisons with head office
  • Follow up with customers on back orders, i.e. keep them informed
  • Perform weekly clean up from the laptop in the Milano system
  • Orderly care of truck equipment including the generator, printer and laptop
  • Regular review of actual sales to budget sales


  • Client scheduling and routing
  • Truck lockup
  • Vehicle servicing


Competitive hourly wage, bonus and benefits.

Send your resume by email to [email protected]