Collins Celebrates 50 Years of Serving Canadian Work Needs from Head to Toe


Collins is THE choice “par excellence” for all your workplace safety requirements. We specialize in selling safety footwear and work clothing to companies and the industry for more than 60 years. We offer the very best products, either in the store or at your door.



For over 60 years

Our head office located in Montreal, is also the site of our main warehouse and flagship store. We have 3 additional stores in the greater Montreal area, and another store in Kingston, Ontario. We also operate 5 mobile units which service the province of Quebec, and another mobile unit which operates in eastern Ontario.

Why choose Collins?

To ensure that your employees are fitted with safety footwear:

  • Professionally
  • By experts
  • According to the requirements of the particular jobs and all of it’s related tasks
  • According to the specific regulations and standards of the CSST and CSA
  • According to any other rules and requirements of your company at large


we are passionate and perfectionist when it comes to making sure our customers have the best fitting work boots and shoes. Fit matters – a better fit means, greater comfort, less fatigue and greater safety
Our custom and professional approach
we not only evaluate on site the specific needs of your company and employees, but we also create a safety footwear program, with a tailor-made procedures for billing, footwear requisitions and an optimum schedule for mobile visits, etc.
Our experience
our staff is comprised of loyal and dedicated individuals averaging 15 years of service with Collins.
Our assortment of products
we search the globe for the very best footwear, the very best value for our customers, all the while prioritizing canadian made as well as union made products. Our products meet CSA standards as always.
Our vast inventory
all of our stores and trucks carry a minimum of 1,000 pairs of safety shoes, in all sizes currently available from the manufacturer.
Our stores
are all conveniently located with ample free parking, not only for cars and trucks but for specialized vehicles as well.
Our mobile units
come directly to your premises, and are equipped with comfortable amenities, clear displays and ample space, so that choosing and fitting footwear is done right.
Our customer service department
is open during business hours, answering questions, solving problems, and guiding you through any technical issues with our software.
Our exclusive software, called qUniform
online, and helps manage your various subsidies and allocations.